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Here at Sound Gorillad HQ we’ve been mega busy. Here’s a bit of an example of the hard work we do. Faceapp is an app you can get on various devices, but it’s the one that we’ve had the most fun with in years. It got us thinking though, what would happen if we put some politicians through it? We’ve done it so you don’t have to. Call it public service.

1) Nicola Sturgeon

Top left – Original

Top Right – at 7 years old, she ran for playground boss, and led for hopscotish independence.

Bottom Left – Mr Nick Sturgeon. Footballer. 

Bottom Right – 10 years time. Successful leader of scotland has been tiring, but she’s aged well.

2) Tim Farron

Top Left – Original

Top Right – At 8, Tim was not sure of his career, before joining a band, we took part in moddeling for the aquafresh advertd until the advertisement makers decided just to draw him instead

Bottom Left and Right – Tanya Farron. Tanya has  been in various tv shows such as Casualty, the Bill and most recently Hollyoaks, alongside with being the first Female leader of the LibDems.

3) David Davis

Top Left – Original

Top Right and Bottom Left – Danielle Davis. Danielle works in the Conservative club on Saturdays, and also makes teas at the local church, happily serving regular looking folk, but staring suspiciously at possible non locals.

Bottom Right – Little David in his nursery days. He was very keep to ensure that before taking the toys he wanted, that he got the right deal for them.

4) Philip Hammond

Top Left – Original

Top Right – at 16, Philip was renound for his humour, although slow, entertained the older members of his family, and made special attempt to make in jokes about them, but when he tried to tell them to others, they didn’t go down well.

Bottom – Philipa Hammond works at the local branch of HSBC. She’s incharge and don’t they bloody know. Known for her ability to look to the future, some think this might be a habit of looking to what is ahead, but not forfilling the goals she should be attempting to achieve to get there.

5) Dianne Abbot

Top Left – Dianne Abbot 

Top Right – Dianne Abbot 

Bottom Left – Dan Abbot. Previously the head of the Youth Offending Team and social worker, Dan currently works in the same bank as Phillipa Hammond and can count perfectly well thank you.

Bottom  Right – Dianne Abbot

6) Dennis Skinner

Top Left – Dennis Skinner

Top Right – Dennis aged 3. Growing up many years ago, he was a train enthusiast, and used to go to the nearest train bridge and wave happily.

Bottom – Innis Skinner is her name. Poetry and speaking her mind is her game. She won’t let you get away with it if you’ve been naughty. If some kid has your bike, she’ll give them what for! As an Ex school headmistress, she’s on top of her game and won’t ever give you a free shot.

7) Emily Thornberry 

Top Left – Emily Thornberry 

Top Right – Emily aged 7. If you make stuff up she will tell you. She’s a smart little bean, never wrong, but don’t ever get on her bad side. Little miss sassy will only give you a few seconds leeway.

Bottom Left – Ian Thornberry. Ian drives taxis, speaks his mind and is very opinionated, while still staying friendly and always thinking of his customers. 

Bottom Right – Emily Thornberry  with Extra female filter.

8) Amber Rudd

Top Left – Amber Rudd

Top Right – Aged 4, Amber seemed cross about everything. 

Bottom Left – Dennis Skinner 1978

Bottom Right  – Amber Rudd with a smile filter.

9) Teresa May

Top Left – Teresa May

Top Right – At the age of 7, Teresa went on to take on the role as Topsy in the cbeebies TV show Topsy and Tim.

Bottom Left – Thomas May. Thomas has recently started as a James Blunt tribute act. After months of saying he would would not, he finally admitted that he was planning it after all.

Bottom Right -Smile Filter

10) John McDonall

Top Left – John Mcdonall

Top Right – John, aged 10 knew from a young age that he would have an important role in politics one day. In class he would be the boy incharge of graphs.

Bottom – Jan McDonall works at the council reception desk answering telephone and making sure everyone sat in the right place ready to be seen.

11) Jeremy Corbyn 

Top Left – Jeremy Corbyn 

Bottom Left – As a child, Jeremy used to fall off a lot of things, but was known as a peace maker in the playground. He used to rally the other children around him, and instead of playing footbal, he would encourage discussion without the match going ahead.

Right – Jemima Corbyn. In her younger days (top) worked in fashion until her 50s where she became famous for being a judge on TV show “the nitted jumper programme”. It was the replacement for BBC’S Bake off, and it showcased knitters making jumper challenges depending on the theme. Jemima would judge the flaps and check the thickness.

11) Boris Johnson

Top Left – Boris Johnson

Top Right – Belinda Johnson. Belinda has worked for ITV news as a Journalist for 20 years was editor in cheif for the Daily Mirror. She went back to TV and presents the Daily Politics on the BBC.

Bottom Left – Boris aged 10, was not very good at geography and used to make a lot of it up.

Bottom Right –  After being the successor of Teresa May, This is Boris after the 2022 elections.

We thought it wouldn’t be fair to pick on others, so here’s a few of our crew for you.
Robin Smith

Zoe Fell

Jelmer  Lelieveld 

Johnny Robinson 

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