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soundgorillas 9th June 20178:28 am

So John McDonall has been on BBC news saying about forming a government. It does seem like everyone says “you can’t do that” or “that’s not how it works”. I think they have a well thought out plan. They got this far, I think they know what they are doing.

Owen Smith, the guy who was contesting him last year for leadership is singing Corbyns praises as is other people who voted him a no confidence last year. Funny how they are all admitting they were wrong.

soundgorillas 9th June 20178:20 am

Still up doing website stuff and Andrew Neil keeps saying Breakfast instead of Brexit.

soundgorillas 9th June 20176:10 am

Morning has happened and Johnny is getting his boy ready

soundgorillas 9th June 20175:54 am

yes, Gethins Got(h)in

soundgorillas 9th June 20175:33 am

Wow, an incredibly narrow victory for SNP MP Stephen Gethins with a majority of just 2 seats over the LibDem candidate in North East Fife.

soundgorillas 9th June 20175:12 am

We’re at an interesting point of the day now where things go quiet for a few hours or so, and then we have surprises… if it’s going to be anything like the referendum, then we’re in for a ride today!

soundgorillas 9th June 20175:02 am

It’s 6am and we’re well hung. Yep… we’re here again and I bloody hope the lib-dems don’t play the same trick as last time. Well done prime minister… look what you’ve done to our breakfast (That is a line from the thomas the tank engine episode “Thomas comes to breakfast”. If you’re a bit down about the vote, look for it on youtube)

soundgorillas 9th June 20175:00 am

Our Scotland office is back on after a short night’s sleep. This has been a very interesting GE indeed. It seems that the exit poll was a fair approximation of what the final result will be like. The question is whether or not we’re gonna see a coalition Government of the Tories and the DUP, a confidence and supply agreement between the two, or a Labour minority Government on the other hand.

soundgorillas 9th June 20174:27 am

Still watching channel 4 and it’s changed kind of from an alternative election night into almost the same thing the bbc are doing. David Mitchel looks tired and I think the audience sounds tired too at 5:30 am

soundgorillas 9th June 20173:55 am

Oooh, I was hoping Amber Rudd would lose her seat, looks like she just scraped through.

soundgorillas 9th June 20173:25 am

Grown. Ruth Davidson and her Lego hair.

soundgorillas 9th June 20173:23 am

NOOO! Not Alex Salmond too! Another seat taken by Tories. I don’t understand how some Scots can look at what’s happening here and say “I want some of that”… NHS Crisis… I want some of that.

soundgorillas 9th June 20173:16 am

Thought I’d switch over while Nicola Stergeon was on to see what’s going on in Scotland as I like Scotland. It’s nice to see that they are doing well, even though not as good as last time.. Good for you Scotland. Pat on the head.

soundgorillas 9th June 20172:56 am

everything on channel 4 seems to be going quiet/down a tone. Labour is on 201… 9 more than the conservatives but hoping that Labour can actually get a good enough result to do something.

soundgorillas 9th June 20172:32 am


soundgorillas 9th June 20172:27 am

Tim Farron’s speech thanking Mr Finger was probably the best so far.

soundgorillas 9th June 20172:17 am


soundgorillas 9th June 20172:17 am


soundgorillas 9th June 20172:17 am

It probably wont happen but I hope Theresa May loses her seat. It would be a weird situation but would be so cool. FALL OVER!

soundgorillas 9th June 20172:14 am

Why is Elmo at Theresa May’s count at 03:13 am? GO TO BED ELMO, YOU ARE BABY AGE. YOU DON’T BELONG THERE GO TO BED

soundgorillas 9th June 20171:59 am

Hooray! Ed Milliband keeps his seat. It will be atleast 4 years before he has to go on a reality show!

soundgorillas 9th June 20171:57 am

Maybe Nick Glegg will be a TV presenter. He looks like the type that could even do an interesting show about trains on Channel 5 or something

soundgorillas 9th June 20171:49 am

Boris Johnso holds his seat. Helpful for when he goes for Tory Leadership later this year 😛

soundgorillas 9th June 20171:47 am

Strictly come dancing next year for Clegg?

soundgorillas 9th June 20171:47 am

Bye Nick Clegg!

soundgorillas 9th June 20171:45 am

So Channel 4 are showinf pictures of Nick Glegg coming into his count. It’s rumoured that he’s lost his seat. I voted Lib Dem in 2010 and that was when the coalition with the Tories which really messed everything up for them.

soundgorillas 9th June 20171:21 am

Oh no! Not Angus Robertson! How can he be not elected!!! He was really good!

soundgorillas 9th June 201712:56 am

John McDonall just did a mic drop and left for his count

soundgorillas 9th June 201712:51 am

Jeremy Paxman always looks like he is being fingered in the arse and hates it but is unable to remove the finger because it’s his.

soundgorillas 9th June 201712:47 am

I’ve switched to channel 4 now on the alternative election. It actually looks like a good contender for my viewing. John McDonall is on here now after his bbc thing. They have Anne Widdicombe on this though. The woman gets on my fucking tits but still… I will watch.

soundgorillas 9th June 201712:43 am

I’ve been having a think about he news papers should there be a Labour win tonight/this morning. This could get messy for them. You probably know about the shit they got themselves into with the phone hacking, and then the levison enquiry, The last few weeks and especially the last few days the right-wing papers have basically made stuff up and all banded against Jeremy Corbyn. Why?

They are afraid of a Labour Government because they won’t be a free press. There is a difference between a free press and an honest press. They go around telling lies without consequence and any retraction is done quietly on a side panel hidden deep within the paper. That’s not right, and a labour government would give then a kick in the balls

soundgorillas 9th June 201712:22 am

Laura Kuenssberg has had a hair cut for this.

soundgorillas 9th June 201712:17 am

Johnny here with you throughout the night with some thoughts on this election. I may also at some point later record some audio for you once I’m confident enough the rest of the house is well and truly asleep. Jelmer in Glasgow has gone to bed now so I’m riding solo.

I’ve managed to find all my wires and me election desk is all prepared. I’m watching the BBC’s coverage which I consider the most reliable, and I’m very critical. I Just switched through and CNN… they are reporting that the exit polls show that the “Conservatives his the largest party” and talking like the decision has been made. The guy talking right now looks and sounds and looks a little like the typical english man… like from Family Guy… actually no, he is more of Nigel Thornberry from the Wild Thornberrys.

So far what we know is Labour have 13 and Conservative have 6, so it’s pretty early days. We also know the prime minister fucked up big time assuming she would have a clear win. Exit polls show that that there could be a hung parliament… so could still go any way.

We’re rooting for Labour tonight. We know it will be tough but hope that it happens and that lead early on in the contest continues.

If you’ve got something to say tweet us soundgorillas

soundgorillas 8th June 201711:05 pm

Hey bbc… we dont need the news DURING THE NEWS. We know what’s going on because wejust saw it and your collegue just explained. Also, why do i need to know about what is happening in Singapore? You are not in the uk where the things are happening!

soundgorillas 8th June 201711:00 pm

Loving how David Dimbleby is being annoyed by the sound quality from the places, calling Swindon’s sound quality “1917”… oh and how a fly in the studio is annoying him

soundgorillas 8th June 201710:38 pm

Don’t know how likely this is gonna be, as people who voted Labour, SNP or LibDem did so in order to keep May out of No. 10 and because they have different opinions on Brexit.

soundgorillas 8th June 201710:33 pm

What we learnt on bbc… Brussels doesnt really care who wins.

soundgorillas 8th June 201710:16 pm

It’s interesting to see that Conservative MP Dominic Raab is trying to downplay the Labour wins on Channel 4’s Alternative Election Night…

soundgorillas 8th June 201710:08 pm

Two for labour so far! JR

soundgorillas 8th June 20179:58 pm

soundgorillas 8th June 20179:49 pm

Jelmer from the Scottish office is wondering when when we’ll see the first person tripping over whilst carrying a ballot box. Wanna place a bet? awkward

soundgorillas 8th June 20179:41 pm

Johnny here watching bbc right now. I’m a little late because i couldn’t log in and setting up my desk in the Gloucester studio, but basically suprised at he exit polls. They just had John McDonall (i always mess his name up) and Micheal Fallon basically backtracking previous comments. The bbc talking about the exit polls like they are a definate thing hen reminding us that it isn’t a sure thing. Its like reminding us what we could get for christmas… dreaming… and then reminding us that will only happen IF you get it for Christmas.

soundgorillas 8th June 20179:26 pm

We are SO dedicated about covering the GE that we’re trying to watch BBC One UK’s, BBC One Scotland’s and Channel 4’s coverage all at the same time 😂

soundgorillas 8th June 20179:11 pm

Paxman to a Conservative MP on Channel 4’s Alternative Election Night: “It seems that your leader has made a complete balls up”

soundgorillas 8th June 20179:07 pm

Theresa May was campaigning for “her strong and stable leadership”…it doesn’t seem to be the wish of the British public IF the exit poll it correct.

soundgorillas 8th June 20178:52 pm

soundgorillas 8th June 20178:48 pm

Hi there and welcome to the Sound Gorillas 2017 General Election live blog. We’ll be blogging our thoughts on the GE from both our Scotland and Gloucestershire office from 10pm.

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