Latest news 22/04/2015

Hello! So a few things going on all at once right now so let’s give you a little over-view of stuff…

So firstly we’re in the process of making a “Radio shows” section of the website which we’ll be putting various shows we’ve done. There is a series Johnny did between 2007 – 2009 called Rewind The Hits which will be uploaded soon, along with old episodes of In The Dark, The Johnny Robinson Affair, Prick Up Your Ears and other shows the team have produced over the years.

Prick Up Your Ears has had another break but this one was unplanned. The team recorded a podcast on the 9th of April but due to other things getting in the way (life) the podcast still wasn’t edited the following week and the team decided to skip the recording. The podcast will be released later in the year and a new podcast will be recorded this evening

It’s Not Rocket Science – the sketch version will be launching soon. Johnny and Jelmer are in the writing process joined by a team of talented people joining in. Before all that kicks off we’ll be releasing the old sketches.

The Sketch Vaults are being updated regularly. There is still loads more to come!

The World’s Longest Podcast is in the process of planning right now. We’ve got deadlines and all sorts all planned which has taken us some time.

Finally… there will be a few podcasts with our third Gorilla or the third “Cretin” if you’ve followed us from the very beginning. Robin Smith (In The Dark Podcast) will be joining Johnny and Jelmer seperatly for some new podcasts. Johnny and Robin will be producing a scaled back not so shiny podcast next week in addition to the regular Prick Up Your Ears. Keep a look out for that.

So… with that all to get on with… time we got on with it!

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