Prick Up Your Ears Update

smile400So it’s Johnny here with a quick update. We’ve just recorded the latest podcast (Tuesday evening) and dispite a recording error on my side (which was no fun) we had loads of fun as usual. The only annoying thing was we had some good content which we had to try and re-create and quickly because of Zoe’s recorder running out of space.

Anyway the low-down is that we managed to record it and there’s a few things to look forward to like the song Zoe would play to Somali pirates to get rid of them, Did Zoe and Johnny get their Nutella lables from last week? Also… our MASSIVE announcement – It’s what we’ve been teasing you with since the new year. The podcast is taking a bit of a break for two weeks. Next week will be the cut bits we’ve been saving up from other podcasts including the bit about Zoe’s potential future son “Tripton Fell”, and then the week after there’s no podcast. We’ll be back on the week of the 30th.

The podcast should be out by the end of Thursday so have a listen to the others, download them via itunes and SMILE.

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