SG favourite radio content – Blue Jam

Monday marked World Radio Day, celebrating the greatest medium of all. Well…at least according to us. That’s why we’ll share some of our favourite radio content (in completely random order) of all time this week.

Most people remember broadcaster and satirist Chris Morris from The Day Today, a TV spin-off of the BBC Radio 4’s satirical news programme On the Hour, Brass Eye, Nathan Barley, the IT Crowd and his satirical film on Islamic terrorism called Four Lions.

We however would like to focus on his obscure dark comedy ambient radio programme which was broadcast overnight on Radio 1 from 1997 to 1999. Blue Jam genuinely is like nothing else we’ve ever heard before. The programme features sketches, songs and monologues in a unique mix. The programme wasn’t a massive success with regards to its listening figures (i.e. approx. 100,000), but it surely is something very creative. It is a shame that there’s nothing quite like it out there on UK radio at the moment.

Please note: the below contain contains strong language and content that some people may find offensive.

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