Sing: the ultimate a capella contest on Sky 1

Hi there, long time no blog! We’ve been so busy at Sound Gorilla headquaters that we had a rest and only just woken up. Firstly the new big news is Jelmer has left the shiney lights of Glasgow to persue a career in the Netherlands as a Radio Producer, and johnny has been busy pouring Tango Iceblasts and serving popcorn in his local cinema with his latest day job, while trying to plan for the latest recording of Code Red.

It’s reality show season again… Bake Off is nearing to it’s final few weeks, the Apprentice has started and even though reality shows never really sleep, they seem to ramp up now to the end of the year, especially with the x-factor, and if you want to add strictly in that, then you can. Earlier in the year we saw a TV show on BBC1 called Pitch Battle, where they had a contest to find the UK’s best vocal group. The thing is, althouh very entertaining, it didn’t really do what it said on the tin… the whole point of a voval group is to not have music… or a capella…

However if a proper battle with everything done by vocals is what you’re looking for, then you need to get your ass over to Sky 1. It’s one of those shows that you watch and think… wow… this is people! Bit of a spoiler alert here, but the winners of last week’s show were a vocal group called Semi-Toned and they did the best ever version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’. It wasn’t just the vocal bit but the performance was so thought out and atmospheric. The youtube video of it doesn’t really do it any justice, so you really need tomsee the show to get what I mean, but also even just knowing that they win is no big thing when you see who they had to fight off. You can check out the snippet sky posted on Watch live on Sky 1 on Friday evenings.

Sky also seem to be doing a really good job with the Russell Howard hour. If you are into the satirical American show imports but are looking for a British answer, Russell Howard does a really jood job at it, and is basically the British version of Last Week Tonight (Sky Atlantic on Mondays after 10pm). It’s a little like Russell Howard’s Good News on BBC 3 but a little more satirical and the format suprisingly suits him… then again he was great on Mock The Week. His new show is on Thursdays on Sky 1.

That’s it for now… but we’ll be back soon with some more blogs and news for you!

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