Weekend edition – blog edition 13/5/17

Hi there, Johnny here with a blog version of the weekend edition this week. Last week had to be highly edited and enhanced due to having a cold… and it’s still here with the added lack of voice, hence the lack of podcast. But I thought I’d do a quick update on my thoughts on this week.

 The major breaking story at the moment is the hack of the NHS computers. If you’re unaware, there has been a huge hack into the systems meaning that ransomware has encrypted all their files, which is mainly patient information. Obviously bad if you’re off to have your jiblets examined it’s important for the hospital to know that the rest of you is OK. Im no hacker (certified), infact I’m an idiot, but with my basic knowledge from the breaking bbc news report, as soon as I saw the screen shot of the ransomware I was like “Windows XP?! No wonder why they’ve been hacked, they are using old technology” and I think any idiot can see that. Then my thoughts went directly to “ofcourse they have have XP… if they are underfunded they won’t have the money to update it” . Computer systems are always seen as “well if it does the job etc…”. Some places still use 80s technology because it still works. Tech seems to be the last thing that’s updated, but these days it’s mega important to keep that updated. Shortly after my Facebook feed was full of claims that this may have been the case. 

The thing is, the NHS system must be using Windows XP on their pcs, which is crazy because windows xp was released in 2001 and support for security and updates ended in 2014… three years ago! Meaning that these systems must have been installed in XPs hayday… between 2003 and 2010 – the last time a government showed interest in the NHS, and guess who was in power? LABOUR! Going back on point though, Microsoft even said XP systems were vunerable a few months ago, and no action was taken. I bet for years the staff had been complaining about the speed of those computers. 

In other news, I’ve been watching the election stuff pan out. Looks like the Conservatives are struggling to bat off some of the things they’ve said, or in some cases not said, avoiding questions or matters. What’s weird is the parallels betwen this election and the Labour elections. One obvious one is the amount of support the public has. Corbyn fills up venues, fields are “ram-packed” with people who want to hear what he says, when his opponent  (Whether Owen Smith or Theresa May) have organised events with very little people. It’s a little like a busker putting a little bit of change out when they start because it encourages people top put some in. I know this isn’t a for sure thing that Labour would win, but could put up a good fight. Also there’s been so many Anti-May/Anti-conservitive memes, it seems to be reaching an younger audience, so hopefully this will encourage them to vote.

My mind boggles as to why anyone thinks what is being proposed would be worse that the shambles of a government we have now. Strong and stable is not what we have now, so what’s going to change if we keep the same one. The weak and pathetic excuse of a government we have now, one that doesn’t update and protect computer systems that are important to patients, or one that lets a healt service colapse into crisis, or plunges the lower earners into a pit of hopelessness. There’s loads I could go on about but I shalnt because I’d be here all day. Here are some other reasons though from Dianne Abbot.

Finally today is Eurovison final. I’ll  be watching that tonight while having a Barbecue as we did last year. It should help me and my lot take out mind off stuff. We’re in the middle of moving so if the podcasts are a bit stammered in the releasing its probably because of that. I’m hopding to create myself a new studio wherever we move. We’ve looked at a place that has 2 potential places for me to put it. Hopefully the next podcast will be next week as planned.

I’ve  been Johnny Robinson, and I’ll still be Johnny Robinson after this blog has finished.

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