Weekend Edition Coming Soon

So, it’s been a while since we last heard of Johnny in our world of podcasts, but just when you thought you were safe… he’s back.

Last December we heard the last regular edition of Prick Up Your Ears, and even though a new one with a new format was produced and plans were made for a return, time commitment became an issue and talks went quiet.

Johnny went back to the drawing board. He was inspired by T.V programmes such as The Daily Show (comedy central)  Last Week tonight (HBO/Sky Atlantic) and Unspun (Dave), combined that with Brexit, being fed up with the state of politics, watching a lot of news and even joining the Labour party, new ideas kept coming up with no vehicle to drive them on.

He drew up plans for a weekly satirical audio news paper that prodded at politics and poked at pop culture. With a similar sound to Puye’s production, the show intends to be thought provoking, funny and interactive. The first show will be uploaded on the 26th of November on Saturday morning and released every weekend.

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