What is going down?

Hi World, Johnny here with a little bit of an update with stuff as at least this month we’ve been very quiet.

Prick Up Your Ears
We’re on our break until next week, however it’s given me time to plan something massive which I can reveal (as mentioned on the podcast) we’re attempting to break the record for the worlds longest podcast. We plan to do a whopping 3 hours to raise money for charity. We’ll be releasing details about that either later this week or next week. There’s a lot behind it that I won’t go into detail but this is the thing that’s taking me some time and having a knock on affect.

It’s Not Rocket Science
Jelmer and I are having regular conversations and looking for people who want to make sketches for it. We’re planning to release the old sketches from the original show, and then making new content. Instead of being a panel show like the previous show, we’re using some of the features in the show and including new versions of older content such as:

  • The Birthday Worm Diaries
  • You Call That News
  • The Shopping Forecast
  • Pastor John Johnson
  • In The Dark’s Robin Smith has agreed to get involved and we’re talking to other of our radio friends who might want to be involved.

    Sketch Vaults
    These are being released as individual sketches including the old Shopping Forecasts not with Fred Hart, and the other sketches I’ve produced.

    Code Red
    Still being written in my spare time, but the other projects are taking priority mainly because of the situation with the longest podcast.

    I’ve decided not to edit the “Condensed” versions of the shows into podcast now on the basis that it will take a long time that would be spent better making new content. However we will put the shows on Mixcloud and link them onto the site.

    That’s about it really. The Podcast will also be back next week so see you then!

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