X Factor Final live blog [closed]

soundgorillas 11th December 201610:05 pm

That’s it we’re gonna retreat ourselves and weep our very wet eyes over Saara not winning.

soundgorillas 11th December 201610:04 pm

Right, well that’s over for another year. Join us on Thursday and then Sunday for the Apprentice. Johnny out.

soundgorillas 11th December 201610:02 pm

Yeah, i mean, what are Louisa Johnson, Sam Bailey, Matt Cardle, Jo McElderry, Steve Brootstein, Leon Jackson these days. all winners but losers in the end.

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:59 pm

and wont go into x-factor obscurity

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:58 pm

Matt wins… Good, Saara will probably release a single soon and it will be amazing.

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:58 pm


soundgorillas 11th December 20169:58 pm

And the winner is…

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:57 pm

Can I just say before the world knows who wins this, that watching this show has been a challenge to blog, and as a viewer was unbearable to wait for so long

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:57 pm

Yes they have

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:54 pm

Have they closed the bloody lines yet?

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:47 pm

The BBC Three show Dermot used to do was Re:Covered which was a bit like a TV version of the live lounge. Bands performed their current song, then did a cover.

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:44 pm

Charlie Puth

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:44 pm

Some guy…

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:43 pm

Little mix are still singing.

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:43 pm

Sorry who’s this bloke in the middle again?

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:39 pm

Ooooohhhh only 10 minutes before the lines will close 🙂

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:39 pm

If there ever was a host for Top Of The Pops if it were to come back, it would be Dermot O’Leary. Didn’t he do some alternative pop programme on BBC 3 in their early days?

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:30 pm

What is even the point of Matt Edmondson and Rylan Clark being there when you can hardly hear the families there to support them?

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:28 pm

Sharon has a bit of a Harry Styles hair tonight.

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:26 pm

Some of the judges are stood up. Not really seen that much this year. Maybe because they did it constantly last year.

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:25 pm

Saara Aalto is doing her last song of the night, even though there’s like ages before this thing ends. You know that this blog would do you some good if you did actually want to change the channel. There’s not much been going on to be honest.

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:18 pm

I hope we don’t have to see Honey G perform again

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:16 pm

This edition of the X-Factor is just a songs from the ads thing. I feel it would be even more fun if they were able to have more acts on

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:07 pm

This show could be summed up in 30 minutes. Why is it on for another hour?

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:02 pm

Auditionees? More like X-Factor rejects

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:01 pm

I’d have preferred to see some of these people than Honey G

soundgorillas 11th December 20169:00 pm

Whaaaaaaat! it’s the weirdo reel along with the dodgy performances.

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:58 pm

Yeah Madness wasn’t as good as they should have been. this whole programme has been a bit of a time waster. I’ve ordered my Honey G CDs already for that purpose. J.R

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:57 pm

Thanks for the offer I was just thinking of ordering some coasters on Amazon

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:55 pm

AND DON’T BE DISSING THE LONE RANGER, IT’S AN ACE FILM. I have it on DVD if yo want to borrow it as long as you are not going to melt it. J.R

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:55 pm

@Johnny I’m not. I was just having a look at the EPG, as Madness was a tad bit boring indeed

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:54 pm


soundgorillas 11th December 20168:53 pm

…and contemplating to watch the utterly dreadful Lonesome Ranger on BBC2

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:53 pm

Merry Christmas got a cheer. Yeah I think the Jobcentre Plus wouldn’t know what to do with Suggs if he walked in. “How about this job at the Amazon Distribution centre”

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:52 pm

And I’m seriously considering switching channels…

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:52 pm

In the mean time Planet Earth II is up on BBC1

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:50 pm

Oh look, the audience knows the Hook,, that’s the most they’ve been awake since they’ve been on. Such a demographic fail according to Johnny”s Fiancee.

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:48 pm

Maybe they’re on some sort of Jobcentre Plus “Back to Work scheme

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:46 pm

Madness… How does this fit into X-factor? I mean they are great as a band, but the audience don’t seem to be feeling this.

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:42 pm

:And the Sun will do some sort of scandal reveal. “Saara Aalto is really a rabbit and she eats radishes from Mr McGregor’s garden”

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:38 pm

The Daily Mail will probably put it down to some post-Brexit vote EU conspiracy if, no sorry, when Saara wins.

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:37 pm

What’s going on with Nicole? She’s emotional and weird tonight… well more than normal anyway

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:36 pm

Because we all know Brexit rules. It doesn’t and actually she deserves to win it 🙂

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:33 pm

Voters ARE aware they are voting her to win and not to go home right? I mean she’s possibly winning a talent show a British person could be winning. 😛

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:31 pm

Whoever it was might’ve watched some peculiar C4 documentary

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:28 pm

I wonder who comes up with the costumes, and what it looks like when you’re walking around the Range carrying a Gimp, a glue gun and loads of clocks. Also, Funtastical isn’t a word.

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:27 pm

Matt might as well just give up right now 😉

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:25 pm

Those visuals at the start are pretty damn awesome

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:25 pm

It’s oh so quiet… ha yeah, this is Johnny’s Jam too.

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:22 pm

Let’s just have a look at how it all started for Saara Aalto whilst the ads are on:

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:18 pm

The x-factor on Sunday since there’s been less people has been a constant “Vote now” mixed in with an over glamoured Top Of The Pops.

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:15 pm

So who is going to win? It’s weird because we’re betting on Sarra Aalto but to be honest Matt is a great contestant. but will the winner end up with that thing where they don’t end up making songs for ages and then making a flop?

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:13 pm

It seems like Kylie’s dancers are wearing old barrister wigs

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:10 pm

Pleease say this is a version of Kylie doing everybody’s free to wear Sunscreen… the Baz Luhrman version… no it’s not but we can dream right?

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:08 pm

By the way… Madness? How random is that?

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:07 pm

How is Nicole walking in that mermaid type dress. It’s like her tail is flapping along

soundgorillas 11th December 20168:05 pm

Happy Sunday! It’s time for the X-Factor!

soundgorillas 10th December 201610:10 pm

That’s it for now. Thank you for being here. We’ll be back tomorrow at 8pm.

soundgorillas 10th December 201610:02 pm

You’ve probably got Sky as well, eh?

soundgorillas 10th December 201610:01 pm

The perks of having an arial

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:59 pm

Dammit spoiler – watching on the ITV Hub

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:59 pm

Bye 5AM. They are off home. I think we will see more of them though, they are too good.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:58 pm

Saara’s through! yay!

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:58 pm

I always wonder why they do this whole coming out and announcing the judges when they could just climb from the desk.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:53 pm

which was odd because Honey G had just been on before

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:50 pm

This was probably the least thrilling performance of the night

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:43 pm

It’s when the album comes out and someone like Jay-Z or Eminem feature on it… that’s when you know things are properly broken. This is one of those things where you’re listening to honey G on the radio and need to make reference to the post-it note on the fridge that says “This is not normal”.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:40 pm

First it was Brexit, then it was Trump and now…it’s Honey G’s debut single…

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:38 pm

This is to the person who knows where one can find Wembley’s main switch: please turn the switch NOW!

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:34 pm

When you say honey… I turn the sound off.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:30 pm

Turn the smoke machine down… Adam Lambert is disappearing. That would be a great performance. They should have done the “i see a little silhouetto of a man” bit, that would have also been great.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:28 pm

let’s just hope she’s not gonna duet with Sharon then

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:27 pm

Again… Freddie Mercury’s handicap is also that he is dead so he won’t be showing up.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:26 pm

Yes, miracles HAS happened Saara!

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:25 pm

This is the thing with singing with falling sequins, they get stuck on your tongue when you sing.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:22 pm

Ok so Matt stands there as she sings, and I can’t actually hear him, is this the Nicole show?

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:21 pm

Prince has a handicap in that he’s dead.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:20 pm

Wait… he is singing with prince???

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:17 pm

Not entirely sure about this duet. Both are great bands on their own, but don’t seem to have a real spark going on between them when performing together.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:16 pm

Hmmm… well not really feeling this one. 5am are better than this.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:13 pm

Duets now… and 5am were supposed to be performing with the spice girls.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:07 pm

There was too much going on in one place. Why am I judging this. Louis obviously had a tough week, but Simon was right and handled that well.

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:04 pm

So Louis Tomlinson’s song has that “oh ohhhhh” bit like anthems/ people who are making songs a little like Mumford and Sons

soundgorillas 10th December 20169:01 pm

Obviously some sort of tech issue then 😛

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:56 pm

I see the Finnish Pippi Longstocking has come down to Wembley in order to support Saara

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:50 pm

… it says WINNER

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:50 pm

What’s that on Saara’s Forehead?

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:47 pm

WOW! That’s a lot of people there for Saara!

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:46 pm

And Johnny does, but only at home.

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:46 pm

That dancing should go back to where it lives… Dance moms

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:43 pm

as long as Johnny’s not wearing his shirts as unbuttoned as the real Simon Cowell does all should be fine

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:41 pm

and Jelmer wasn’t too sure about the interpretive dancing either

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:41 pm

But Johnny is basically Simon Cowell but better.

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:40 pm

Johnny didn’t like that performance. Just saying.

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:33 pm

So…Matt has gone Japanese-style and is wearing a kimono tonight

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:30 pm

Let’s just pray he’s not gonna sing and dance

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:30 pm

Simon Cowell looks like George Micheal mashed into Robin Thicke tonight

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:27 pm

justwonderingwhilsttheadsareon is it me or was 5AM’s Nathan Lewis’ jacket made out of baseballs?

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:24 pm

Oh, so Dance Dance Dance is coming soon to ITV… look out for the live blog for that if we can be bothered 🙂

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:23 pm

Right… Matt is up next so while the ads are on I’m off to cook my pot noodle

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:21 pm

What was the need for that jumping sequence?

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:21 pm

… or maybe he is Harry Potter all grown up

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:20 pm

…or maybe he secretly is Harry Potter’s father?

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:19 pm

Simon Cowell in glasses tonight? Looks like a teacher trying to be trendy

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:19 pm

Nicole… nobody wants to hear you, they want more 5am! Are they going with 5am or 5 After Midnight?

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:17 pm

Crazy in love… wow… it’s great how they are doing a tune originally done by a female. done very well!

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:10 pm

Loving the mash-up of this year’s contestants and finalists. And it’s also nice not to hear Honey G rap for a change

soundgorillas 10th December 20168:04 pm

We’re so excited about the final. Our money’s on Saara Aalto

soundgorillas 10th December 20167:57 pm

Hi there and welcome to the Sound Gorillas X Factor Final live blog. We’ll be starting shortly 🙂

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